Cynthia Lewis - Sculptor
Cynthia Lewis - Sculptor

I was brought up to appreciate all the different arts and love of creative expression. Since my schooldays, over 60years ago, I have liked to draw and paint and my skills developed, so that, when needed, I was able to help my three sons with their art homework.

When time became more available, I embarked on a path of more formal training. First, through evening classes, then a full-time foundation followed by a college course, with classes in sculpture, and drawing & painting in various media. On the way, I gained an A-level in Art and a Diploma in Art & Design.

Later, when I went to the Institute, I continued my training in sculpture as well as in other media. After about 5 years, I decided to specialise in sculpture: modelling and carving in wood and stone, and a turning point came about 10years ago, when I discovered the joy of modelling in wax.

I was also developing and refining the necessary skills to model first animals and then birds. To transfer the beauty and strength I can see, whilst simultaneously trying to capture their essential nature, energy and fluidity together with a feeling of movement, into a static three-dimensional form. I find that everything I do has to have movement.

I continue to study at The Institute as there is always more for me to learn, and because I love every minute of it. And, I feel particularly proud that my work was recognised by an invitation in April 2007, to become an Associate Member of the Society of Women Artists. Then in 2014, I was delighted to be awarded full membership and that I'm now an SWA.

Because my work modelling wild animals and birds has been regarded as excellent I've been accepted as a member of MIWAS, the Marwell International Wildlife Art Society